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I’ve home educated my kids since the dark ages of 2001. Along my journey of homeschool styles, I read everything that Charlotte Mason wrote, read and re-read The Well Trained Mind and even delved into The Lost Tools of Learning. The one thing all experts and philosophers agree on is that children should be reading. They vary somewhat in the application of the reading habit, but not in the method.

For years, I straddled the fence between classical and lit-based, trying to split our year into different approaches. Sometimes it worked, and sometimes it was a fail.

This past year I even attended a classical homeschooling conference to pin down whether or not I should go with a fully classical program. Although I ultimately decided against it, I learned so much about teaching that is was time well spent. After all, the ideas espoused by classical educators are admirable. Who doesn’t want to cultivate wisdom and virtue in their children?  

“The most common and the monstrous defect in the education of the day is that children fail to acquire the habit of reading.”― Charlotte Mason

This blog is mostly a book review page. It’s also a place that I hope (homeschooling or not) you can find books for your entire family that will bring magic into your every day.

AM currently accepting requests for book reviews at this time.


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I’m willing to review books in either a print or Kindle format. Print books will receive priority over any electronic form. (Except now during this worldwide pandemic)

Windy City Reader is also happy to conduct author interviews, participate in blog tours and other related promotional events. As with the accepted genres, this will be decided on a case-by-case basic dependent upon the suitability of the event in question for Windy City Reader.

Windy City Reader has a policy of “Integrity, not promotion” and only offers to read books sent and to provide honest and constructive reviews.

I will only publish reviews if I have positive things to say. Submitting your book to me does not absolutely guarantee anything in return, but I do take all books into serious consideration. Thanks so much for considering me!

I have a 90 something percent reviewer rating on both NetGalley and Edelweiss+.

I will always post a review there even if I don’t post to this page.

“Jenny has long been my first go-to whenever I need to find a book for a birthday, a particular topic, or a certain mood. Her reviews tell me what I care about and I guess that’s why her “best of” picks are reliably actually the best picks. If she has shared a book I want to read it, period. Her kidlit blog has been terrible for my budget and if she starts a book club I will have to consider it a threat to my marriage.”

Rose Tell-Drake