Alexander Hamilton: The Making of America

I was thrilled to see this one pop up on NetGalley. We’re still trying the Hamilton lottery most days hoping lightning will strike and we’ll get a shot at affordable tickets. While the soundtrack playing, I read through this middle-grade story of Alexander Hamilton’s life. I did have to get used to the author referring to him as Alex. He just doesn’t seem like a nickname type of dude. He was too driven and full of formality for that. I’m assuming it was to make him seem more approachable, but since every kid, I know now pictures Lin-Manuel Miranda I don’t think that was a concern.

Anyhow the story begins with an age appropriate telling of his life and all of American History during that time. This is where the story shines. Hamilton works and reads and does everything for himself. If he can’t get to the next level, he keeps reading, learning and paying attention until the time is right to make his move. Although he would have rather been directing battles, he soon rose to the rank of George Washington’s top aide and marries Elizabeth Schuyler. As his story continues up to the duel and beyond the story continues to be engaging, and you get a real sense of the kind of America that Hamilton was attempting to create. There are excerpts from the Federal Papers included as well as a timeline and extensive endnotes.

I’m adding this to our American History Reading List.

Alexander Hamilton: The Making of America

Written by: Terry Kanefield

Published on: March 7, 2017

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