Summer Brain Quest

  I’m always on the lookout for some new book to implement into our year-round homeschool. The primary market for this book is probably kids who leave the house most of the year and don’t take tests in their pajamas. Either way, this is a fun alternative to a full on curriculum type book. I’m a firm believer that learning never stops, and this book paired with lots of library books and some math games will keep any little geniuses plenty busy.  The first thing I noticed was that it is set up like a game with levels. Here is how you set it up: Begin at Start on the fold-out board in the back (News flash: 11-year-olds still love stickers, don’t let them try and be cool and say they don’t) To advance along a path you must complete the quest exercise with the matching color and symbol. If you complete the challenge, you earn a matching quest sticker. There are also Outside Quests and Key Quests. At each level, there is a completion sticker and at each subject end. There is even a 100% sticker if you manage to do all the things.

I was psyched to see the bonus reading list of both fiction and nonfiction titles. We had most of the titles on our shelves, and the list served as a great reminder to put those in our TBR pile.

I haven’t had a kid in the common core curriculum so I can’t speak to whether the material is easy or hard. The book says it is aligned with the common core if that matters to you.  It seemed grade level to me and even managed to be entertaining and didn’t feel dull at all. At our level, it has an appropriate theme as we start over in the Ancients this Fall.

Workman Publishing sent us this workbook in exchange for an honest review. They have books available in all the elementary grade levels.

Summer BrainQuest Grades 5 and 6

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