The Rise of the Rusty Robo-Cat

Do you like to Choose Your Own Adventure books? How about a Draw Your Own Adventure? Robo-Cat is Book 3 in a series written by Mike Lowery. (You don’t have to read the first two- but you might want to) Not only did this series introduce us to graphic novels they have improved our drawing skills. 

If you have a reluctant reader, drawing part of the story will break up that sounding out each word phase while still giving the beginning reader the knowledge that they read the whole book.

In this volume, Carl the Duck is back and needs help on the critical mission of discovering why the cats around town are acting like jerks. Can you track them down and break the spell?

There are plenty of chances to draw in the book and make the story personalized, and then you get to read it over and over again knowing that some of the illustrations are yours.

This is one of our favorite series of books. We took one on a long day of airports and plane rides and it entertained all of us for about six hours. 

Doodle Adventures: The Rise of the Rusty Robo-Cat! was sent to me in exchange for an honest review.

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