The Secret Zoo

Megan has disappeared somewhere during the middle of the night. They have been trying to find her for many days but could never find a trace of her anywhere. Her brother and friends start investigating because Megan had mentioned seeing monkeys right before she disappeared. Just when Noah believes he will never see his sister again, a bright blue bird leaves him a message to visit the monkeys at the zoo. It turns out I can say without spoiling anything that there is indeed a “secret zoo” and the newly formed Action Scouts find it as well as Megan. I loved the concept of a secret zoo within the zoo, and I think kids will too. The first scene where Noah attempts to talk to Mr. Tall Tale set the stage for all the animal interaction after that. 

I stumbled upon this book while looking for zoo related fiction and am so glad that I did. There are five books in this series, and we are on a quest to read all of them this Summer.  

The Secret Zoo by Bryan Chick