Heartwood Hotel: A True Home

I am a sucker for animal stories- especially those with mice. In real life mice not so much, but literary mice are always excellent. Remember Disney’s Cinderella? They were even good singers. In this book, Mona the mouse discovers the hotel by accident and becomes a maid at The Heartwood Hotel. The hotel was created as a place for small animals to take shelter while crossing the forest and now hosts week-long gatherings for festivals as well. Of course, all the animals have their secrets, and there are problems associated with the housing of so many different species in one tree, and I enjoyed hearing about the different bedding required for each floor. This would make an excellent read along if you were studying the forest biome. You can also get into a bit of literary analysis and discuss foreshadowing. It is a good first chapter book for emergent readers and is interesting enough for even middle school kids who like animal stories. Bonus points for marking it book one so that we know it’s going to be a series.

I read a DRC of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Heartwood Hotel Book 1: A True Home
by: Kallie George

 July 3, 2017


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