Finding Mighty

  This fast-paced mystery about parkour and diamond smuggling was a hit for me. I picked up the uncorrected proof version at ALA, so I’m not sure if the finished edition is the same, but I hope it is. The book setting of New York City is always welcome as well as the way this book features urban art as part of the plot. 

Myla (No one can pronounce her full name) and Peter are twelve-year-old neighbors who tell their story in alternating chapters. Myla buys a necklace with an Om (Sanskrit letter) on it at a street fair, and a creepy guy tries to retrieve it from her. Peter’s brother vanishes, and then their mother insists they move AGAIN. Parallel mysteries narrated by the two main characters intersect as the two meet and (slowly) learn to trust each other. 

It’s not a spoiler to author Sheela Chari planted a few red herrings. I thought I had it all figured out a few times and I was wrong. This story has a highly satisfying ending and a facts and fiction section in case the reader wants some clarification on the finer points of the plot.

Finding Mighty May 30, 2017