Survivor Diaries Overboard!

The Survivor Diaries Overboard reminds me of Hatchet by Gary Paulsen, so if you’ve got a 7-10 year old that is maybe not quite ready for Paulsen this soon to be series is a great alternative.

The appeal of this series is that you get to read a realistic portrayal of something that could happen along with real life survival tips in the back. In this story, Travis and his family go on a whale watching tour in the North Pacific when a rogue wave capsizes their boat. He gets separated from the other passengers but can team up with the captain’s daughter, Marina, and with her knowledge and survival kit, and the encouragement of a seal, they can find the shore and set up camp until rescuers arrive. 

Spoiler alert: Although, the situation is genuine I warned my sensitive kid that is was just fiction, and he ended up enjoying it. I just received Book 2 Survival Diaries Avalanche and will review that one too.

Survivor Diaries: Overboard July 4, 2017

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