The Duke of Bannerman Prep

Can I tell you how much I loved this reboot/modern version of The Great Gatsby? So much. Almost more than the original. In this telling Tanner McKay gets a scholarship to Bannerman based on his debating skills. His friend Duke is the stereotypical rich, lazy prep school kid. The intrigue behind the Duke and the increasingly tough decisions Tanner’s forced to make as he’s drawn into the Duke’s orbit make this book a page-turner. But this is a fast-paced read with depth: I loved the endearing relationship between Tanner and his brother, and I felt like I was living each of Tanner’s choices (which also left me wondering, long after the last page, if I would have made them myself or chosen another path). It’s a smart read that kept me up way later than my bedtime trying to finish it up. The Duke of Bannerman Prep may become a new classic.

And here’s the best part:

I have a copy signed by the author to give away! You can enter by subscribing to my mailing list. Cause that’s how this marketing stuff works. I’ll draw a name on Monday morning.

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