National Geographic Kids Almanac 2018

I remember reading this as a kid and buying it when my older boys were in school from classroom book orders. It’s been years since I flipped through one and was thrilled when Nat Geo offered to send us one.

When people ask me how to get a non-reader reading, I always recommend nonfiction. This one gives you so much bang for the buck- it’s thick at 337 pages and is full of fun facts and color images. 

It would be ideal to bring on vacation to the beach to share aloud during the hot part of the day when you are all just hanging around in the shade. We always make games out of books, and you could get a lot of road trip time reading snippets aloud and guessing who is correct. Keep score on a notepad or phone and see who knows the most obscure facts. There is one section that shows eighteen items in an explorer pack and we spent almost forty minutes trying to guess all of them.

Not to sound like a commercial but at the current Amazon price of $9, if you get it wet or lose it, it’s not the end of the world. I think it is a must buy for Summer, right up there with the bridge workbooks.

National Geographic Kids Almanac 2018 (National Geographic Almanacs)

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