Lucy & Andy Neanderthal

We checked this book out from the Chicago Public Library for our first week of school. (of course, now we’re buying it because I still don’t like reading graphic novels on my screen.) Also, don’t you love that Amazon has a category called Children’s pre history fiction?  This graphic novel tells the tale of Lucy and Andy and their hijinks all while staying basically historically accurate.

Homeschool note: We’re using Oak Meadow 6th grade Ancient History and week one covers this period. (It will take us longer than a week, and I may even stretch this course into two years) As usual, no boxed curriculum works for us as written. We’re too academic just to use OM and not academic enough to use whatever hard history is out there. I like to add some sprinkles on top of our book learning and in the spirit of planning I’ve plotted out each week. The sprinkles are fun/on topic activities like funny books and movies. I’ve got a Pinterest Board started if you are interested.

Overall, we laughed a lot reading this, and it did reinforce what we read in our Oak Meadow materials. We are both looking forward to the next installment. 

Lucy & Andy Neanderthal By Jeffrey Brown Also coming in August Lucy & Andy Neanderthal: The Stone Cold Age

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