School of the Dead



As part of my Spooktober series of read alouds here at home here is another good one for middle graders. (Side note: spell check hates the term read alouds)

Avi has written an excellent ghost story! This is not a new book, I found it on the All Hallows Reads 2017 Book List.

When his Uncle Charlie comes to live with this family, young Tony Gilbert isn’t too happy about it. Uncle Charlie is sloppy looking and very odd, but it doesn’t take long for the two to bond with each other, and after a while, Tony finds he likes spending time with his uncle. Uncle Charlie wants Tony to go to his old school, the prestigious Penda School in San Francisco, but the school isn’t accepting new students.

When Uncle Charlie suddenly dies, he leaves money for Tony to attend the school, which suddenly has an opening for him. Tony’s parents find new jobs and move out to San Francisco, but as soon as Tony begins attending the Penda School, he discovers that he only got into the school when another student “disappeared” suddenly. Not only that but Tony keeps seeing his Uncle Charlie, as well as a young boy who looks exactly like the boy in an old picture in the principal’s office., who turns out to be the son of the school’s founder and who disappeared mysteriously. What exactly is going on?

I suspect that most middle graders won’t be able to guess the ending and we thoroughly enjoyed reading this one over the last few nights.

School of the Dead By Avi


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