Owl Crate Jr Review

I’ve been watching these for awhile and thought I’d try to become a rep for one of them. There were a couple of problems with that:

1. I’m too lazy to take artsy type photos of the boxes. (Then I tried it, and it was fun, see image above) It also inspired me to commit to #Bookstagram for all future 2018 reviews. 

2. I don’t like other people choosing my books. I just can’t give someone else that amount of control, and if I buy it, I’ll be reading it. (Then I realized that I read books all the time without choosing them)

I almost ordered some of the past crates, but the lure of a new book was too irresistible. I took a chance that it wouldn’t be a book that I had already read as an ARC. My rationale was that since I enjoyed all the books included in the Owl Crates of 2017 even if I had read it, I would probably like it enough to keep it on our shelf. (Spoiler- it was a book that I had tried to get my hands on and was going to request from the library)

And so, in spite of being a Biblio Control Freak, I ordered it for Declan anyway, and we are thrilled with the contents of December’s box. 

Every crate includes:

A new release MG title that is usually autographed (!!!!) What? (That’s a step up from my digital ARC collection for sure.)

You will also find some bookish goodies that match the theme of the book that month. All of ours got opened and used immediately. 

I’m now looking forward to a year of boxes. I’m not showing the innards of December’s crate as I don’t want to spoil it for people who haven’t received theirs yet. I will post pictures on January 1 on Instagram. If I remember I’ll update this post as well. 

If you’d like to try them out, you’ll find that they also have a YA box (that I haven’t yet seen in real life) and you can use my link, so I get credit towards a free crate! 

Verdict: Owl Crate Jr  Try it.  

 September 2017 The Great Outdoors Box
September 2017 The Great Outdoors Box

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