Turn This Book Into A Beehive

Surprise Book Mail is THE BEST. It’s even better when the book will be available soon, and I don’t have to keep it secret for long. This book would have been perfect as an Easter basket gift- but you can still perk up your Springtime homeschool plans by getting it soon.

 Meet the mason bee a non-aggressive, non-stinging super-pollinator that does the work of over 100 honeybees. This book becomes a home for a bunch of them! Mason bees usually live in hollow reeds or holes in wood, or you can use pages from this book: Tear out the perforated paper—each illustrated as a different room in a house—roll the sheets into tubes, enclose the tubes using the book’s cover, and hang the structure outside. The bees will arrive, pack mud into them, and begin pollinating all the plants in your backyard.

 Not all of the book is used to build your mason bee home. There are twenty experiments and activities about bees—how to smell like a bee, understand the role of flowers and pollen, learn how bees communicate with each other through “dance,” and most importantly- Cheetos Pollination.

I just got my copy of this book last night and am already planning a “bee study” with the activities provided. The publisher puts the age range at 8-12, but I can see younger kids doing fine with a bit of help just with fine motor skill activities. 

We just started studying trees and flowers, and this book’s illustrations are far and away better than the actual textbook we are using.  Full disclosure- I read the entire book- we haven’t tried any experiments yet, but I wanted to get the review up right away. I’ll update this post and social media as we start experimenting.

Verdict- Buy

Turn This Book Into A Beehive By Lynn Brunelle

April 3, 2018

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