The Sound of Freedom

I’d call this an almost Holocaust book- because they get out just in time. The setting is Krakow just prior to the German invasion of Poland. Anna and her father live with her grandmother and at first, has a pretty normal childhood. As time progresses Anna starts feeling different in her Jewishness and experiences prejudice first hand. 

Luckily, her father is a professional musician and gets a chance to audition for the Palestinian Symphony Orchestra (created by the real person Bronislaw Huberman) to which many European Jews are recruited, thereby saving the lives of them and their families from the Nazis. It’s a story I had never heard before and it was riveting. I was tense turning the pages- would he get chosen? Since I didn’t know the real story I had a sinking feeling that they would all be sent to camps.

This story is perfect for younger middle graders and other sensitive readers who may not be ready to read the horrid details of the Holocaust.

Verdict- borrow (it’s short and sweet and not really re-readable)

The Sound of Freedom by Kathy Kacer

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