Everlasting Nora

We’re participating in The #YARC Year of The Asian Reading Challenge and I checked this book out of the library as our first read of 2019. We’re studying the Eastern hemisphere this year, so it fits in perfectly.

Everlasting Nora was what I like to call a ‘heavy book” So many feelings while reading this one. Nora herself is an active 12-year-old girl living with her Mom in a cemetery in Manila after her father dies. Although they have extended family, living with them is not an option through most of the story. Her Mom has issues, and they both have a fair amount of PTSD after the death of her Dad and the fact that they live with his bones in a mausoleum. When her Mom disappears, Nora has to step up yet again into a more adult role to find her and save them both.

This book tells a terrible story in such a matter of fact way. This much-needed look into poverty and the struggles to climb out of that hole up to a middle class is something every child and adult should read.

Everlasting Nora by Marie Miranda Cruz

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