Book Review-Celestial Geometry:Understanding the Astronomical Meanings of Ancient Sites

From the publisher:

“Celestial Geometry explores the remarkable achievements of ancient astronomers at over 60 archaeological sites, from European stone circles like Stonehenge to the pyramids of Egypt and Central America, the medicine wheels of North America, the carved monoliths of Easter Island, and lesser-known structures like the sun clock of Goseck. Combining myths and legends with modern science, this beautifully illustrated book is a profoundly illuminating celebration of human curiosity, creativity, and astounding achievements.”

From me:
Wow! This is a very cool book. I read it on my Kindle Oasis which wasn’t the most fabulous experience as this is a book with plenty of pictures and sidebars which tend to get messed up a bit in that format.

It could easily be used as a spine in upper middle school or high school for a study of either astronomy or the history of science course. This is the first book I’ve ever read about
archaeoastronomy, and it was eye-opening. I learned so much new information that was framed with gorgeous photos (once I switched to my Kindle Fire) that I’m going to work it into our school year somewhere. For instance, did you know that the
the Castillo, (Kukulkan Pyramid), at Chichen Itza has a stairway that twice a year is shadowed by the sun to create the impression of a monstrous black serpent running down the stairs? There is a photo of the stairway showing precisely that effect. I think kids will kind of love that. Talk about bringing the Ancients to life.

Celestial Geometry: Understanding the Astronomical Meanings of Ancient Sites by Ken Taylor

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Jen Naughton

JEN NAUGHTON and her husband share their 1930's era Chicago home with four sons and a daughter. A voracious reader, Jen reviews books before their release for dozens of publishers on her page: Windy City Reader. Jen also blogs (on WordPress!) about classical, mostly secular, home education at Good Enough Homeschool. In her spare time, she's writing a book or two of her own. You can find Jen misbehaving on social media on Twitter: @jennynau10

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