Book Review: The Devouring Gray

Could I give a book one million stars? If yes, then it would be to this one. I mean I read a fair bit of YA now, and I can’t see this not being a “new classic.” One of the reasons I was so bummed about not getting my reviews typed up faster was that I missed the release day. In any event, you can buy it or borrow it now. Like, put a hold on it now before the list is miles long.

This story is dark, lyrical, slightly depressing and beautiful all at once. It’s witchy and full of horror so skip it if you aren’t at all ready for a goth type mood. It very much reminds me of Riverdale, Twin Peaks, Stranger Things. You get the idea.

The story has all my favorite plot points: an old family curse, secrets, kids with powers, and a monster. It has new things I like too: LGBTQ characters, and smart boy and girl teens. Nothing wrong with some smarticle particles.

I’d hand this off to any high school aged kid. Also, yes it’s book one, so we should get some solution for Isaac.

The Devouring Gray by Christine Lynn Herman

April 2, 2019

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