Hope Never Dies (Obama Biden Mysteries #1)

I know I reviewed Hope Never Dies. I know it. The author knows it too; however, the interwebs sucked it into oblivion. It isn’t in my archives, or on Goodreads, it’s gone. Crazy! I blame the Russians.

And so, I will type my thoughts again before I review the super awesome sequel that may indeed be better than the first book because- Chicago.

Spoiler alert for book 2:

When Rahm shows up at the bottom of page 43 (in the ARC) I almost choked on a tortilla chip with spontaneous laughter.

But first things first. You do need to read the first book because it is great. Also, the second book won’t be out til July 9, 2019- so you have a month to read the first book.

Plot-wise there is a recap, so if you are on a desert island and only have book two, you won’t be lost. After all, Obama and Biden are pretty well known. They are those guys who used to hang out in the White House? Joe likes trains and cars, and Barack is married to Michelle and has famous friends. You might remember those days.

I read this book as an ARC, I got a paperback, and then another paperback, cause I keep loaning it out and it doesn’t come back. The audio version is pretty spectacular too. The narrator does a pretty good Biden.

All right, this bromance needs a review. Joe and Obama are fresh out of the White House at the start of book one. Joe’s favorite conductor on the Amtrak has died, and somehow he becomes a detective of sorts. He drags Obama along for this crazy, campy, pseudo-thriller. It’s just so fun. There are celebrity appearances along the way, Bradley Cooper especially made me laugh.

If you need an escape from real life and enjoy fan fiction at its best. You’ll love this.

Hope Never Dies by Andrew Shaffer

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