Book Review-Scan Artist: How Evelyn Wood Convinced the World That Speed-Reading Worked

I remember the ads for the Evelyn Wood Speed Reading Method on TV when I was a little kid. This is both her life story and the story of the deception/scam that she successfully ran for many years.

It’s not a spoiler to tell you that she wasn’t a teacher and she wasn’t teaching speed reading as much as she was teaching how to skim for the main idea. I’ll admit to skimming parts of this actual book myself as I got a bit confused with the way the narrative is laid out. It’s a bit jumpy between her childhood, her missionary work, and the adoption of her daughter Anna.

Read this if you like stories about a long con. She had so much confidence that people didn’t question her connections (she exaggerated most) or her results. She worked in the Third Reich and within the Mormon Church both of which are pretty secretive and I liked the insider jabs.

Overall, I found it fascinating but maybe not in the way the author/editor intended.

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