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You’ll be waiting until October for this gem. I already pre-ordered it for our mythology section at home. It’s not on Kindle, but you’ll want it as a book anyway. I’d say it’s just scary enough (spooky is a better term for most of the short stories) for kids that are school age.

German fairy tales gets all the attention, and I’m pretty happy that this compilation made it to print. There are 48 stories, some famous and some new ones, all re-written in modern language so that you could be hearing it from your neighbor or your grandmother. Folk tales are one of my secret weapons in tempting kids into a history study.

These stories have fairies, boggarts, and, changlings (my favorites) all in stories that are perfect as fireside or bedtime stories. The black and white illustrations only add to your own imaginations. I’ve got nothing negative to say on this one.

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