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For the first time, I’m opening up spots inside the Viking Academy to non-family members. You’ll need to be patient this year as I work out all the kinks in this new endeavor.

Read along with us this year. Books will range in difficulty from MG- YA.

We’ll have a private Facebook group to discuss the books and a weekly FB Live (or equivalent free platform- I’ll determine the venue based on our group size) for live discussions.

Most books will be new releases, and the book club price can include the book shipped to your home. I’m willing to add either older or younger book club ages based on demand.

I have dreams of all the genres: Graphic Novels, Modern Classics, YA LGBTQ, Mystery, Historical Fiction?

Spread the word, and we can try and read them all!

The specifics:

Book Club (s) will run from August through May.

What books are we reading?

That’s just the best part. It’s a surprise for you. The books will all be new releases, and I’ll announce them a few weeks before we start reading so that you can preorder them.

Can you mail me the books?

I think so. I’m working on that option. It’ll more than double the cost of the Book Club and I’m searching for a cost-saving solution to get you the best price. Details later.

The $80 price is without the books. 

What if we don’t like a book?

That’s part and parcel to a full reading life, and you don’t always LOVE everything you read. I am going to try hard to choose books that I think most teens will enjoy and want to own.

Is this a book box?

Not really. It’s a book club. I don’t think the world needs another book box right now. If you want one, I’d be happy to refer you to OwlCrate and Owlcrate Jr. They are the gold standard in MG/Teen book box subscription services.

What if I want one of the other book club genres?

Shoot me an email, and I’ll start a list. If we get five kids, I’m willing to add another club.

Middle-Grade Fiction, Graphic Novels, Modern Classics, YA LGBTQ, Mystery, Historical Fiction- or something I haven’t thought of yet??


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