Jen Naughton PA

Do you need help managing your online presence?

Here’s what I tell my author friends: You’ve done the hardest part- writing an actual book!

Now, you’ve got to promote it. Whether you publish traditionally or self publish, you’ve got to get the word out there. If you are not comfortable being online all day building your brand and want to get to writing that sequel, let me help!

Social Media is often like standing at the seashore yelling at cruise liners and boats a mile out.

Good social media strategy gets you in a boat with a megaphone.

There’s no guarantee that they’ll be interested. But at least people can hear you.

Eventually, you’ll get to an island of common interests, and the people there are your people, and they’ll start sharing your brand while they are home and away.

-Jen Naughton

I would love to put my experience to work for you. As your author PA / author assistant / author VA (whatever you want to call it) I’ll handle:

  • outreach to bloggers/reviewers
  • mailing ARCs and scheduling reviews/blog tours
  • building your current brand on social media
  • creating new accounts/websites (including a tutorial)
  • managing those accounts on an ongoing basis

If you need help with something not listed here, let’s chat and see if we can work something out.

My rates are reasonable and I won’t hold you to a contract.

I charge $20 an hour with a 10 hour minimum to begin.

Ready to let someone else handle your adoring fans?

Email me at Jennifer @ windycityreader .com